Our services have been developed to support our clients’
intricate needs, at various levels

Our clients succeed because our services deliver tangible results. To achieve this, we seek to fully understand organizational requirements, and get buy in from a range of key stakeholders.  We then combine creative thinking with technical acumen to stretch the boundaries before evolving the most attractive solutions.

Our services have been developed to support our clients’ intricate needs, at various levels, from strategic planning through to deliverable breakthroughs.

We are able to hand pick our teams to suit our clients’ business, by drawing on expertise from across SRA Global Consultant pool with directly relevant knowledge and experience as well as those with experiences from other industries, to stimulate the transfer of useful principles, best practices and approaches which often lead to success.

For over 20 years, our processes have been applied across a wide range of industries.


Core Competences

Working Smarter, Not Harder !


Information technology  is applied to business by means of the software and systems that automate transactions, provide management information, and serve customers. Therefore, business leaders must make intelligent decisions in developing IT strategy, evaluating software vendors and using business systems. They also must carry out those decisions with the appropriate mix of skilled technical resources.

SRAE core competencies are a synergistic blending of the core competencies that our resources individually bring to work every day. Core competencies are “focus points” that funnel our peoples’ skills and efforts to make a greater effect in the following areas:

  • Oracle e-Business Suite
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Strategy and Governance
  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Advanced Technology
  • Security
  • Networks and Communications
  • Systems’ Integration
  • Managed Services (near-shore and off-shore)



ICT Management

We offer a variety of ICT based management services


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is not really "the business" of most organizations; ICT must be an underlying tool to drive the organization's core business. Clients must focus on their core activities and ICT must add value to help as a vital support to make operations more successful - easy, responsive and optimal performance.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure needs to be regarded as the integration of different components that interact with one another directly and indirectly for sustainability of organisation’s objectives.

To achieve these goals, we offer different ICT based management services. The client’s advantage is to combine the offering of different knowledge items in a flexible way, allowing integrating our consultancy support with internal resources. Our consultants deliver an approach based on a long experience gathered at different client sites. This method assures accurate experiences on management and technological based assignments.

Our ICT management offering are:

  • Business Critical Application Management
  • Oracle Database Management
  • Security Monitoring and Management
  • Networking and Communications Support
  • Hardware Management
  • Operating System Management
  • Systems Integration and cross-system interface support and Management.
  • Software Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • IT Project Risk Mitigation
  • Existing/Legacy System Management





We support your challenge!


You are expecting collaborative working relationships with a service provider who can provide the opportunity to achieve the mission of IT division by leveraging the capabilities and expertise already in place.We provide services that meet your challenges.

Our understanding of your challenges are:


  • Deliver and maintain effective solutions to enable business continuity, growth and profitability.
  • Improve Organizational Efficiencies.

Goal :

  • Deliver reliable systems/solutions
  • Customer Focus
  • Better Cost control Management
  • Business Continuity

Activities :

  • Simplification of bureaucracy and strengthening of compliance controls
  • Strengthening collaboration with suppliers
  • Consolidation and Rationalization of Database
  • Improved and Well Defined Procedures and Processes