Email is the most important business tool.

Have you taken precautions to guard against leakage of information?


Mail Depot is an Email Archiving and Security System. It allows storage of emails while maintaining searchability. The system also allows your business to be compliant with current archiving and security laws.

There is an increasing demand for archiving email systems due to emails being considered company assets. Emails should be kept secure so that no confidential email is sent out. Emails also need to be archived since they are now considered legal company documents.





High speed, High Capacity, Quick alert

Mail Depot supports High Capacity Archiving. Emails are saved at high-speed, reducing system reducing the need for downtime time. Such emails can be saved in devices with 10TB capacity allowing you to maximize the use of your storage resources.

Mail Depot has High Speed Searching capabilities, allowing searches of 1 million emails in 1 second, relieving you of the stress of waiting. Various search parameters also lets you make more accurate search results.

Email alerts about email usage abnormalities are sent to specific accounts. Alerts can be acted upon immediately by the respective personnel.

Reports are available in Mail Depot such as Hourly Reporting Charts showing email sending and receiving activities. This makes it easy for administrators to identify which accounts use heavy system resources. Ranking Reports are also provided to identify which domains are ranked high in sending and receiving. High ranking sites can be blocked off if identified as spammers.

Disk Capacity Alert notifications are also sent if storage quotas have been reached. More storage capacity can be added early to avoid downtime and lost archives.

Search the archived mails using filters, such as header, body text, dates and other parameters. Contents of attached documents, such as PDF and MS Office files can also be searched for more accurate searching.


Searchable attached files
Microsoft Office 97-2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).doc .xls .ppt
Microsoft Office 2007(Word, Excel, PowerPoint).docx .xlsx .pptx(OpenXML)
OpenOffice.org 2.x(Writer, Calc, Impress).odt .ods .odp(OpenDocument)
OpenOffice.org 1.0(Writer, Calc, Impress).sxw .sxc .sxi
Archives.zip .tar .tar.gz .gz .lzh



System Requirements


Software Requirements

  • OS :          Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Mail Server :  SendMail 8.12.10 and above, Postfix 2.0.11 and above, IMailserver V8 and above,Lotus Notes and Domino R6.5 and above, Microsoft Exchange 2003 and above
  • POP Server : Qpopper 4.0.8 and above, Dovecot 1.0.5 and above,Courier-IMAP 0.57.1 and above, Cyrus IMAP Server2.2.12 and above


Hardware Requirements

  • CPU :    x86 Dual Core, CPU 2.0GHz or more
  • Memory :  2GB or more
  • Disc :  RAID-5/6 recommended Transfer Rate 50MB/s or more (SATA, SAS, FC)